• INFRATEST Software: LIVE DEMO - Run all your tests !

    INFRATEST is your turnkey electro-optical testing software. In this demo, you will see how to use INFRATEST to run all your tests, including NETD, MTF, LSF and MRTD. INFRATEST is a universal & easy-to-use test solution for cameras & detectors.

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  • New Generation of Blackbody Controllers: an advanced technology revolutionizing Blackbodies’ capabilities

    This new generation of electronic controllers is at the heart of the blackbody control and monitoring. Ideally suited for the testing and calibration of infrared and visible systems, this advanced generation of blackbody controllers has an intelligent design allowing to achieve an unequalled performance level, with a 0.1 mK temperature resolution and a 0.5mK regulation stability.

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  • Calibration and uniformity test bench

    Case study: certifying the performance of Blackbodies.

    HGH provides the best-quality Blackbodies on the market. Each blackbody is delivered with a certificate of compliance. Our automatic test benches are equipped with high-end devices, certified by LNE, the French National Metrology Institute. Watch the video to learn more !


    This video features an overview of INFRATEST software, the universal, exhaustive and easy-to-use software for testing IR cameras, visible and NIR cameras, ICCDs, goggles and laser rangefinders.