Cyclope Hypervisor - Remote supervision of multiple security sensors

Cyclope Hypervisor provides a global monitoring, on one single GUI, of all threats detected by all Spynel sensors installed over one or several critical infrastructures

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Real-time centralization of all intrusions detected by multiple Spynel thermal panoramic cameras

CYCLOPE HYPERVISOR is a security supervision software collecting and displaying, on a single workstation, all the threats automatically detected and tracked by multiple SPYNEL sensors, deployed on one or several critical sites.

CYCLOPE HYPERVISOR provides a global situation awareness solution to large sensitive civil and military assets, where the security architecture includes a network of wide area surveillance devices:

  • Multiple SPYNEL sensors installed in one single site for perimeter security
  • Monitoring of several remote sites from one single control room
  • Multiple SPYNEL sensors for very long distance surveillance (coast, border, pipeline,…)
  • Double sensor solution for a full 360° monitoring in spite of obstacles (building, central mast/chimney of boats, oil rigs, FLNG/FPSO…)

CYCLOPE HYPERVISOR automatically detects and connects to all CYCLOPE workstations on the network and displays on a single user-friendly GUI:

  • the location of all threats and sensors, pinpointed on one or more global vector maps, which can be automatically centered on a triggered SPYNEL sensor,
  • a table listing the last detected events, with their ID, location and timestamp,
  • the targets infrared thumbnails, location and time information.
  • the tracks from different modules (AIS, ARPA Radar …), with filtering capabilities
Cyclope Hypervisor screenshot


  • Multi-sensor / multi-site operation
  • Early warning of potential threats for faster counter reaction
  • Enhanced security supervision on one friendly software interface:
    • Easy configuration of user-defined sound alarms upon detection criteria,
    • Easy creation of customizable bookmarks to classify detected events at a glance
    • The main zoom window on a local CYCLOPE workstation can be slaved and auto-centered by a click on a track on HYPERVISOR GUI.
    • Moving objects or sensor platforms can be localized on map, using NMEA-over-IP protocol.


  • Wide perimeter security: airports, seaports, nuclear plants, dams, power stations, solar/wind farms, refineries, oil rigs (FPSO, CPF, FLNG…), mines, prisons, embassies, logistic warehouses, parking lots
  • Wide area surveillance: pipeline, coastal and border passive surveillance
  • Air surveillance : counter UAV systems, short range air defense systems
Cyclope Hypervisor - Multi security sensor supervision