Influence of ambient temperature on the radiation of IR reference sources: effect on the calibration of IR sensors and method of compensation

Paper presented at SPIE D&S 2018 conference, by Catherine Barrat 

Using a blackbody is apparently easy: the emissive surface gets quickly stabilized at the defined setpoint and the controller offers a live display of its temperature with a high resolution. However, the signification of this displayed temperature may be ambiguous especially if the operator is expecting this temperature to be what the tested sensor actually sees. The new generation of HGH’s new controller removes this ambiguity by clearly displaying either the temperature measured by the sensor or the radiated temperature at usual laboratory temperature over the appropriate bandwidth or the radiated temperature over the appropriate bandwidth whatever the room temperature, compatible with demanding applications in climatic chambers. In addition to simplifying the calculation for the operator, it strongly reduces the sources of error which might be of several tenth of degrees.

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