HGH Infrared Systems wins the SECONA Shield 2018 Award in the category 'Innovative Product of the year - Hardware CCTV'

06/04/2018 08:22

The electro-optics experts HGH Infrared Systems won the SHIELD 2018 award for the first time last Friday, at the NSE Complex in Mumbai. The company, well known for its 360° thermal sensors « Spynel », was awarded the « Innovative Product of the year - Hardware CCTV » for its brand new V-LRF option for Spynel-X: a major technological advance that helps improve the recognition phase when a threat is detected.

The V-LRF option consists in adding a Visible channel and a Laser Range Finder to the Spynel-X or Spynel-S thermal sensors. Spynel-X was already the InfraRed Search & Track (IRST) with the best image resolution and the longest detection range on the market. This unrivalled technology can now be improved with a full HD Visible Channel and its x30 continuous optical zoom. With the Laser Range Finder, accurate distance data is provided in real-time, while tracking multiple targets over a very wide area, night and day.

Thierry Campos, HGH Infrared Systems’ CEO, said : « We are very pleased to receive the world-renowned Indian Security & Safety industry SECONA Shield Award. The V-LRF option proves that for HGH, innovation is more than ever on the agenda ! Â»

The company is very active in India, with offices in Bengaluru, and will showcase Spynel V-LRF at Defexpo (Chennai, India) this week, stand 322D.

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