HGH Group unveils its new global brand positioning "Enlighten the Unseen"

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January 9th, 2020, Igny, France – Optronics expert HGH announces the launch of its new tagline, Enlighten the Unseen as the company grows and harmonizes its global brand. The new positioning reinforces HGH’s one-stop company model for wide area surveillance, industrial thermography and infrared - visible test and measurement applications.

New tagline HGH

The HGH Group began worldwide brand harmonization efforts in March 2019 in order to strengthen the company’s identity, while expanding its leading electro-optics market position with innovative high-tech products and services. Asia Infrared Systems, HGH’s subsidiary in Singapore, has been a marketed HGH brand for nearly a year. In alignment with this current brand harmonization promotion, US subsidiary Electro Optical Industries updated its logo to reflect its HGH Group association. 

“As part of our global branding harmonization, HGH’s new brand signature is a result of an internal survey in which employees made suggestions to express HGH’s vision. It was important to strengthen employee engagement in the building of the HGH Group,” said Thierry Campos, HGH Group CEO.

Jeffrey Anderson, Electro Optical Industries Inc. General Manager explains, “Enlighten the Unseen demonstrates our unique position, not only as the optronic expert of optical scenes, but also in how we do business, with passion and innovation.”

HGH’s innovative culture and desire to provide unique market solutions drive an increased product research and development investment. Enlighten the Unseen reinforces the Group’s commitment to deliver innovative, high performance and reliable electro-optical devices, to better serve our customers today and in the future,” added Vincent Leboucher, HGH Deputy General Manager.

HGH will impart Enlighten the Unseen across all its markets in 2020.

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